Steve Brown’s company marketing to the gullible

A Seattle Times column on Steve Brown’s marketing to gullible people:

The Seattle Times

June 7, 1992, Sunday, Final Edition

So Receptive — There Are Those Who Will Buy Rabbit Ears in a Dish

By Erik Lacitis

You’ve certainly seen his ads. Ever gotten an envelope crammed full of 3-by-5 leaflets selling everything from “Wonder Wipers” for your car, to “GFX Dimension-4 Amber Optics” sunglasses, to the “Magi-Cuisine Rolling Cutter,” all selling for the unbelievable price of $5 each?

They are from Steve Brown’s company, Direct Marketing Enterprises in Westbury, N.Y., of which he’s president. Maybe one reason Brown doesn’t talk to the press is because he figures he’ll be asked about the New York Better Business Bureau, which for the past five years keeps putting him at the top of most-complained-about companies.

I don’t know how many of those 20 million transactions are for the “GFX-100 INDOOR TV ‘DISH’ ANTENNA,” but the receptionist at Brown’s company said it has been running for at least two years, presumably because customers keep ordering.

So let’s do a little math. If 1 in 15 of us would seriously consider buying the “GFX-100 INDOOR TV ‘DISH’ ANTENNA,” how would we react to a message that came camouflaged as something a bit more substantial?

Say, a candidate with big ears, legal in all 50 states, who up front told everyone he had NO specifics on issues because there were NONE!!!

Hey, sounds good enough to me. Let me sign that petition.

Read the whole article at the Seattle Times website.

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