Recall petition for Steve Brown

Recall Petition for WBAI Delegate (Board Member) Stephen Brown

We the undersigned listener members of WBAI demand the recall of Delegate Stephen Brown for the following conduct that is adverse to the best interests of the station:

1. Using his massive e-mail lists of WBAI listeners, Stephen Brown engaged in a concerted seven-year defamatory campaign of unsubstantiated allegations against WBAI management including General Managers Don Rojas and Anthony Riddle, and staff whom he sought to remove. In particular, he campaigned relentlessly for the firing of Program Director Bernard White, and displayed a pattern of racist language and stereotypes targeting Mr. White. For example, in 2005 he wrote about a station employee, “you should have been at her side whacking Bernard with a baseball bat.” (For more examples, go to http://www.justiceunity.osult, in 2006, the Local Station Board voted to disassociate itself from Brown’s stream of abusive and racist comments.

2. In 2007, Stephen Brown publicly and unilaterally called upon WBAI listeners NOT to send their membership funds to the station’s authorized address, based on unsubstantiated allegations of theft of membership and funds and other misconduct against WBAI Program Director Bernard White and other staff members, but instead to send them directly to his personal home address; and then ignored an urgent request by Pacifica’s legal counsel that he send a follow-up email redirecting listeners to send donations to the station’s P.O. box.”

3. In 2007, Stephen Brown, as the principal of ACE (Alliance for Community Elections), was found guilty by the Pacifica National Election Supervisor of violating numerous election rules with his slick, multi-piece candidate endorsement mailing to WBAI members, including marketing merchandise (a “WBAI Truth Torch” which falsely implied station approval), raising funds for his organization in competition with WBAI, and making “improper and misleading statements,”including one falsely suggesting that Justice & Unity board members “would not keep Democracy Now on the air.” (Democracy Now is a daily program on WBAI and 800 stations nationwide.)

4. In summary, Stephen Brown’s unsubstantiated charges, negative attacks, and racially offensive rhetoric have been extremely damaging to the station’s reputation and efforts to increase listenership and raise funds, and run counter to the mission of Pacifica that includes a mandate to “contribute to a lasting understanding between nations and between the individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors.

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