A Steve Brown bibliography


Truth Is, You Get What You Pay For
The Bergen County Record, August 17, 1986;
Section: Lifestyle / Consumer; Pg. F11

As Mail-Order Sales Increase, Some Firms Draw Complaints About Service, Quality
Wall Street Journal, August 29, 1986, Friday
Section: Section 2; Page 19, Column 4

Consumer Saturday; Complaints On Buying By Mail
The New York Times
September 6, 1986, Saturday, Late City Final Edition
Section: Section 1; Page 52, Column 1; Style Desk

Mail-Order Ire For BBB
Advertising Age. September 29, 1986
Section: Direct And Promotional Marketing; Pg. 78

Consumer Complaints Mar Image; Mail-Order Firm May Scrap Stock Offering
Crain’s New York Business, October 27, 1986
Section: Pg. 6

Mail Orders: Look Before You Leap
The Bergen County Record, November 11, 1986; Tuesday; All Editions
Section: Lifestyle; Pg. B01

Grief Over A Pair Of Clown Dolls
The Bergen County Record, March 26, 1987; Thursday; All Editions
Section: Lifestyle / Discover!; Pg. D09

A Friendly Skies’ Happy Landing
The Bergen County Record, June 21, 1987; Sunday; All Editions
Section: Lifestyle / Consumer; Pg. L07

Mail Order’s Top Complaint Generators
The Bergen County Record, August 28, 1987; Friday; All Editions
Section: Business; Pg. C01

A Mail-Order Watch Takes Its Time
The Bergen County Record, December 20, 1987; Sunday; All Editions
Section: Lifestyle / Consumer; Pg. L11

Consumer’s World; Mail-Order House Of A Hundred Names
The New York Times, May 7, 1988, Saturday, Late City Final Edition
Section: Section 1; Page 56, Column 3; Style Desk

The Media Business: Advertising; 5 Direct Mail Ventures Stir Many Complaints
The New York Times, August 16, 1988, Tuesday, Late City Final Edition
Section: Section D; Page 21, Column 4; Financial Desk

Money / Scope; Headaches By Catalogue
The Boston Globe, June 5, 1989, Monday, City Edition
Section: Economy; Pg. 13

BBB Cities Mail Order Firms
Crain’s New York Business, July 31, 1989
Section: At Deadline; Pg. 36

Keeping Tabs On License Records
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 17, 1990, Tuesday , Final
Section: Living  Pg. C2

Mail Order Company Agrees To Reform
Copyright 1992 U.P.I., January 16, 1992, Thursday, BC Cycle
SECTION: Financial

Recession Spurs Jump In Financial Fraud
Crain’s New York Business, March 16, 1992 – March 22, 1992
Section: Pg. 3

So Receptive — There Are Those Who Will Buy Rabbit Ears In A Dish
The Seattle Times, June 7, 1992, Sunday, Final Edition
Section: Scene; Erik Lacitis; Pg. K1

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